Two if by Sea

Into the Darkness

Three of magi and a swordsman travel to the forest home, to a demonic aura. After investigating the forest, some information was found. The trees were able to be banished with demonic banishing spells and the aura had grown in strength. After some further investigation, Testudinus suggested that perhaps the forest was being helped by a cultist. Ricco and Kadija set out to investigate the possibility. The Noble of the city offered the mages hospitality and the mages began their investigation. They found that the Lord of the manor had an illegitimate son, and after a long involving search were lead to the cultist. The cultist attacked the Bastard wounding him. Kadija and Ricco were then attacked by demons. Kadija hid in the house hoping the man made structure could keep the demons out. Ricco sprung into action and confronted the demons outside. Ricco learning that the demons that he faced were not particularly strong dispatched the demons. The mages then took shelter away from the house with a demonic aura. In the morning they found that the Bastard was growing worst in his condition and set out to bring him to squiggles.


+2 language xp for everyone.

Into the Darkness

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