Two if by Sea

Onto the Sea

And home with friends

Subtili Ferro and Squiggles go off in search of the missing Faerie Trader. Taking with them Adolphe, Ishmael, and Oriel, they begin their search for the Greek faerie in France, hoping Oriel can assist their search. They inevitably turn their attentions to Greece proper, with an extra hand in tow- a young naiad faerie who they named Madeline.
The group chartered passage to Greece, via Venetian traders, while trying to evade Squiggles’ long-avoided family. After a variety of leads, they found evidence that their Faerie Trader was a servant of Hermes, and at the Temple of Caduceus spoke with an old, errant Priest of Hermes. After communing with his god, they were given a way to supposedly re-establish contact with the trader they sought.



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