Two if by Sea

The Black Eagle

When Kadija, Adolphe, Sabato, and Testudinis entered the forest they were unprepared for the fight that faced them. Within the twisted realm of the forest, The Black Eagle waited for the Magi and their companions. As soon as they found him, the Diabolist, who had been attempting to unleash a powerful demon, attacked the group. Luckily for the younger Magus of the group, The Black Eagle focussed all his efforts on destroying Testudinis. Though she managed to subdue the diabolist with Mentem magic, he broke free of the various spells she had wrought on him in order to perform a final act of vengeance- casting a spell to give his brother- the mage Testudinis- a heart attack. With seconds to spare, Kadija managed an act of extreme luck, throwing the coven’s oldest mage into Twilight in a desperate attempt to spare his life.

Weary and disheartened by their Phyrric victory, the small group trudged back to the covenant without their old mentor. However, they had managed to retrieve The Black Eagle’s body. With Squiggle’s skillful manipulation of spirits, Kadija and Squiggles were able to speak with the memories of Testudinis’ brother. With some new information gleaned on the nature of the demon in the forest and the plans of the diabolist, the remaining members of the coven agreed to set to work on saving Testudinis when- and if- he should appear again.

But even with the Diabolist dead, Werner’s vision of the fiery doom sill looms on the minds of the Magi and the mystery of the boy Geno’s demonic bloodline is cause for great concern.


+2 language XP!

The Black Eagle

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