Former crafter of the covenant


Fabricos was a small man, and most in the covenant thought he was dwarf-blooded. His tiny frame belied surprising strength. His hair was wispy, silver-and-blonde, and usually tied back. Heavy spectacles or protective goggles always shielded his dark eyes.
His wizards sigil is a sudden sensation of interest. Fabricos’s familiar was a little salamander named Tremulum, and he died with his master.


Fabricos was a Verditius magus who was specialized in… well.. making things. While at first this may seem silly to describe a Verditius as such, he refused to specialize in any particular craft, and was an accomplished goldsmith, gemcutter, silversmith, glassblower, wood carver, blacksmith, bowyer, fletcher, weaver, and tailor. He was an atrocious cook.
Many of the magical items in the covenant were created by him. He was a kind man, very prone to charity, and refused to think ill of people. The covenant was sorely hurt when his laboratory was cast into the sea by a rampaging demon.


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