Ishmael's truest friend


Ptero (Magical Eagle)
Might 13
Int -1, Per +3, Pre +2, Com -1
Str -5, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +5
Size -3

Personalities: Eagle* +3, Fierce* +2, Prideful +1

Virtues: Keen Vision*, Improved Characteristics (2)
Flaws: Fragile Constitution*, Magical Friend, Dutybound
Qualities: Gentle Air, Gift of Speech, Improved Attack (talons, beak), Improved Damage (talons, beak), Improved Initiative (beak), Improved Powers, Lesser Power , Personal Power, Virtue (Puissant Awareness); Susceptible to Deprivation
Talons: Init +4, Atk +11, Dfn 13, Dmg +0
Beak: Init +8, Atk +11, Dfn +10, Dmg -1
Soak +1

Abilities (5 pt)
– Aegean Sea Lore 3
– Athletics 5 (swift Flight)
– Awareness 5+2 (spotting prey)
– Brawl 4 (talons)
– Hunt 4 (ocean fishing)
– Penetration 2 (Distant Sight)
– Survival 3 (coastlines)
– Greek 4

– Grant Puissance in Hunting (2 MP) grants a single target +3 to Hunt (fish) – MuCo 10 (base2, +2 Voice, +2 Sun)
– Grant Puissance in Vision(2 MP) grants a target +3 to Awareness (vision) – MuCo 10(base 2, +2 Voice, +2 Sun)
– Distant Sight (1 MP) Lets Ptero percieve (vision) from any point it can see with preternatural awareness – InIm 10 (base 1, +1 concentration, +4 vision)
– Eagle’s True Sight (0 MP) Ptero’s vision is unimpeded by weather or air-based effects. – InAu 15 (base 1, +2 sun, +4 Vision, +1 constant; -2 MP)


Ptero bound himself to Ishmael’s family in olden times. This great fisher eagle was rescued as a young eaglet, and has since worked to protect his savior, aiding him in his tasks in the Aegean Sea. Ptero has been protecting the same family, father to son, ever since.
He can grant his truest ally his gifts of alertness and deftness (fishing like an eagle, spying afar). Unlike many magical beasts, Ptero needs to eat quite a lot, and prefers the freshest, bloodiest of kills. He has learned that the bond of magic between him and the chosen family can sustain him in ways that mere food cannot.


Two if by Sea Lorekeeper