Rekki-Rekki MacNeal


Avens fillia Lassus of House Merinita


A tragic and sad tale, the maga known as Rekki-Rekki was a young, brilliant woman who was learning the arts of the Order. Her parens, Sorra MacNeal, was also her father. Her mother was a lovely young faerie who had… kidnapped… Sorra for a period of time. At least, Sorra always claimed she was a lovely faerie. Nobody can confirm his drunken stories, but Rekki was a charming young lady, unlike her father.
As an apprentice, she was an apt student, learning both from her father and any other magi who she could coerce into helping educate her. She was one of the few people who regularly asked Testudinis for teaching, which always made him eager to teach her. Sadly, when the Demon assault occurred, she was the first to lose her life to the attack.

Rekki-Rekki MacNeal

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