Two if by Sea

What Lies Beneath

The end of winter comes as Warner takes 2nd place in the Verditus Contest. The seasonal meeting takes place. Squiggles is given permission to investigate Sorra’s old dwelling and Ricco helps him. They discover nothing very substantive. After the investigation was concluded The mages dispersed and continued to their usual activities. Squiggles does to survey the lake looking for the lab that once fell beneath the gentle waters. With the aid of Ishmeal Squiggles manages to find a piece of what appears to be the lab. After a series of further dives Ishmeal and Squiggles are attacked by a giant Magical Octopus. Ishmeal rushes head long into battle, his compulsion taking over.

Warner's Adventure

Warner sets off and with him he brings Ishmeal, Nunzio, Sabato and Danica. A ship was chartered to take them to Genoa. The party was delayed by sirens and stories of curses. From Genoa they will pass Monico to Marsei. The group travels through France on horse and cart. After a month of travel by land they find there destination.

Preparations and the Demon's Den

The year is 1227 Ricco Rommano of house Ex Miscellanea was voted into the coven. The new Aegis of the Hearth ritual was due to be cast and Sorra was no where to be found. After some investigation, the coven determined that he had left of his own will and proceeded to prepare for the new year. Testudines, Ricco and Kadiaja have agreed to investigate and possible destroy the demon threat in the forest.


We welcome the new year of 1226, and the aegis of the hearth was cast. The coven ponders the disappearance of Bartholomew. His disappearance has raised questions as too has well being and what should be done with his belongings. The coven has chosen to close Bartholomew’s lab.

In the passing season the fisherman arrived, and with them a man named Ishmeal, outside the coven A deal was brokered to use the land of a noble, to start a vineyard. The noble has been promised a percentage of the yield and a chimera hunt.


Werner went deep into his studies, and had a magical breakthrough – or, well, a mechanical one, in his studies for the Verditius Competition.
Subtili Ferro and Testudinis retreat from their investigations in order to not get more wounded.
Squiggles meets with Akakios, and trades for both a collection of faerie butterflies, and a few sparks of inspiration.

A terrible Threat
Exploring the cursed forest

The Redcap, Guillame, delivered a letter from Squiggles’ Parens, stating that there are some magi willing to accept a Latin-taught apprentice for a good price of books. He also delivered a message to Werner inviting him to participate in a Verditius Festival.
Later that season, Werner also received a terrible vision of fire and death radiating out from a cursed forest -
Which Kadija and Testudinis decided to investigate, with the aid of Nunzio and Adolphe.

How To Train Your Apprentice
and what you can sell them for.

After many long hours of work, slaving away in a hot, pyroclastic, and well-maintained forge, Werner finally completed his multi-year service to the Covenant, a staff to defend the good people of Somnium Oceani.
Squiggles went on a brief torrent of study with the grogs, on basic self-defense and how to utilize shield grogs to full efficiency for panic-ridden survivial.
Kadija and Oriel, however, spent quite a long spring travelling along the eastern coast of Corsica and causing a bit of… ‘trouble’ with the locals, trying to recruit a number of fishermen to return to the Covenant.

Finders Keepers

Business as usual, helping the Covenant prosper and advancing your knowledge for personal gain.

Oh, and Nonna Strega introduced Squiggles to her grand (etc) son, who apparently may be gifted

Slaves are Revolting
No, really. Run!

Subtili Ferro and Bartholomew started a slave revolt.

They came home with some of them.

The Dark Forest
And other Adventures

While Subtili Ferro and Bartholomew travelled to the Barbary Coast, Squiggles was knee-deep in Wine-Making in Provence.

Meanwhile, back at the Lighthouse, the Grogs heard stories of a black beast in the woods that was terrorizing local farmfolk. Though their own farmers were unaffected, Werner went to go investigate and possibly sow goodwill with the locals. upon studying the situation, they found an expected massive boar rampaging during the full moon.

Following it into the woods, Werner, Savio and Adophe began to explore the woods, and are attacked suddenly, and viciously by strange, demonic creatures in the dark. Werner was brutally mauled by sharp little claws, while Adolphe’s beloved sword did good work. They were rescued by a massive boar, the very one they were stalking. After the demonic creatures were dead, the ‘heroes’ tracked the boar til morning and discovered its identity as Father Dominico.

At the end of the year, Akakios the trader brought Werner 2 pawns of Perdo Ignem vis for trade.


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