Two if by Sea


Werner went deep into his studies, and had a magical breakthrough – or, well, a mechanical one, in his studies for the Verditius Competition.
Subtili Ferro and Testudinis retreat from their investigations in order to not get more wounded.
Squiggles meets with Akakios, and trades for both a collection of faerie butterflies, and a few sparks of inspiration.

A terrible Threat
Exploring the cursed forest

The Redcap, Guillame, delivered a letter from Squiggles’ Parens, stating that there are some magi willing to accept a Latin-taught apprentice for a good price of books. He also delivered a message to Werner inviting him to participate in a Verditius Festival.
Later that season, Werner also received a terrible vision of fire and death radiating out from a cursed forest -
Which Kadija and Testudinis decided to investigate, with the aid of Nunzio and Adolphe.

How To Train Your Apprentice
and what you can sell them for.

After many long hours of work, slaving away in a hot, pyroclastic, and well-maintained forge, Werner finally completed his multi-year service to the Covenant, a staff to defend the good people of Somnium Oceani.
Squiggles went on a brief torrent of study with the grogs, on basic self-defense and how to utilize shield grogs to full efficiency for panic-ridden survivial.
Kadija and Oriel, however, spent quite a long spring travelling along the eastern coast of Corsica and causing a bit of… ‘trouble’ with the locals, trying to recruit a number of fishermen to return to the Covenant.

Finders Keepers

Business as usual, helping the Covenant prosper and advancing your knowledge for personal gain.

Oh, and Nonna Strega introduced Squiggles to her grand (etc) son, who apparently may be gifted

Slaves are Revolting
No, really. Run!

Subtili Ferro and Bartholomew started a slave revolt.

They came home with some of them.

The Dark Forest
And other Adventures

While Subtili Ferro and Bartholomew travelled to the Barbary Coast, Squiggles was knee-deep in Wine-Making in Provence.

Meanwhile, back at the Lighthouse, the Grogs heard stories of a black beast in the woods that was terrorizing local farmfolk. Though their own farmers were unaffected, Werner went to go investigate and possibly sow goodwill with the locals. upon studying the situation, they found an expected massive boar rampaging during the full moon.

Following it into the woods, Werner, Savio and Adophe began to explore the woods, and are attacked suddenly, and viciously by strange, demonic creatures in the dark. Werner was brutally mauled by sharp little claws, while Adolphe’s beloved sword did good work. They were rescued by a massive boar, the very one they were stalking. After the demonic creatures were dead, the ‘heroes’ tracked the boar til morning and discovered its identity as Father Dominico.

At the end of the year, Akakios the trader brought Werner 2 pawns of Perdo Ignem vis for trade.

The Rod of Ruin
(Mostly Reading)

Over the next year, the magi hit the books again. Bartholomew and Kadija agreed to put off their pirate adventures in exchange for more time in the library. Werner read up on Ignem opened up and began enchanting the Rod of Ruin-a simple item that should be able to take down a small army. Squiggles and Kadija also finally heard back from their mentors and presented the books for trade to the senior members of Somnium Oceani. Though hesitant to give away any knowledge, Testudinous and Werner agreed to a trade in order to get the coven’s hands on some desperately needed knowledge.

Quiet in the Library Please

With most of the new mages settled in, Somnium Oceani has begun to find some semblance of a normal routine. Most of the mages have returned to studying, with Kadija reading through Aperi Oculos Tuos, Werner working on a powerful defense spell that would rain earth upon intruders, Squiggles reading through Et Omnem Silvam, and Bartholomew studying up on Rego magic. Kadija was delighted to discover that her lab was unusually organized (though not surprised, she is perfect after all), while Squiggles can’t quick seem to figure out what’s wrong but there seems to be some kind of hidden flaw in his own laboratory.

Testudinous lead the meeting to discuss the covenant member’s services for the year, with Werner working on the aforementioned defense spell and Squiggles willing to work on Vis extraction. Hungering for a bit of adventure, Bartholomew and Kadija volunteered to take up finding new fishermen to man the boats in the nearby village.

Quiet Times
Not much Happens, and everyone is happy about this

With Testudinous back, life at the coven could find some semblance of normality- with two full voting members, Bartholomew had a unanimous vote of acceptance into the covenant as it’s newest junior member.

For the next three seasons, the young Magi hit the books. Werner was happily holed up in his lab, hammering away at god knows what. Squiggles got some reading in and enjoyed the wonders of Testudinous’ teachings with the newest junior covenant member, Bartholomew. Ferro began her studies into Herbem and Animal in hopes of prolonging Jabar’s life and defeating her parents in a Certemen. All seemed quiet, though, with that many Magi around, that’s hardly likely to last.
A Journey Abroad
The mad wizard returneth

With the year winding to a close, Sorra decided it was time to get the young wizards’ help in recruiting more staff for the covenant. at their new Stewards suggestion. Though several ideas were tossed around, it was eventually decided that Ferro and Squiggles would venture to nearby Piza in order to find the necessary individuals. Without too much effort, the pair found a journeyman stonemason, a few farmers, and an apprentice ink maker (who might end up being more trouble than he’s worth).

The new year started off with a bang! Testudinis’ return from Twilight heralded the new year, and the older Magi seemed quite chipper despite barely surviving a near hundred foot drop into the ocean. During the madness, Ferro managed to gain a Twilight scar and Bartholomew impressed Testudinis with his excellent life-guarding abilities. As things currently stand, the Council of Somnium Oceani is likely to confirm Werner as a full member very soon. With Testudinis back and Werner soon to be a council member, will Sorra’s tyranny finally end? The old Scottish wizard can only pray that the responsibility will be lifted from his shoulders.


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