Two if by Sea

Of Butlers and Boars
(Well, of Stewards and Boars really)

We pick up were we left off last time with a savage boar attacking the cattle of the coven! Luckily for the grogs of the coven, Squiggles was up and about. Working with the grogs (mostly harnessing the power of Nunzio’s size and strength) Squiggles was able to bring the boar down. Acting quickly, the grogs of the coven hog-tied the beast and threw it in a cellar. Sabato was left to guard the door and repair his bow- unfortunately for Squiggles, Sabato’s lack of concentration cost the magi a confrontation with the were-beast. The sly archer was nearly asleep when Squiggles came to check in the morning and the transformed beast had slipped away with the dawn, nary a set of eyes catching sight of the creature.

Meanwhile, Ferro and Oriel took to the task of finding the coven a steward. Rather than go the easier route and damn the consequences, Ferro elected to go the longer but more stable route. Convincing a local lord that the reason for his son’s philandering ways were due to a magical disturbance, Ferro invited herself and Oriel to stay for a week and fix the ‘problem’. Ferro quickly wove a series of nasty little Mentem spells to terrify the younger lord into obedience to his father, while Oriel turned the eyes of the local ladies from the young lord to himself. Through hard work and dedication (well, really through cut throat manipulation) Ferro was able to curry the favor of a local noble house and get enough inside information to buy the steward off a failed lord. With one seasons work of service done, Ferro returned to the coven with a most satisfied Oriel in tow.

The Giant

The coven is under attack! Or so they thought. Wandering along the Corsican country side was the giant Magi, Bartholomew. An honest and upfront giant, he immediately informed the coven members of his affliction of lycanthropy. The coven (Sorra), made wary by his size and curse, welcomed him as a guest but let was not ready to invite him on as a probationary member.

Pressured in to offering his help, Orielle spoke to Savio in his bull form and found that he had been forced in to his new shape by a fairy prince!

Meanwhile, Squiggles had been tasked with finding a spiritual leader for the coven. Always the go getter, Squiggles quickly found a priest in town who was looking for lodgings. Dominoco San Salvador joined Squiggles at the coven house despite his unease with magi as a whole.

When the light of the full moon fell upon the coven, Bartholomew made his graceful leap off the cliffside and into the ocean. And then it would seem the fairies struck again! A massive boar attacked the cows and Squiggles was the only Magi awake to help fend it off. WIth the help of Ben Wadi, Squiggles struck the boar a laming blow with a quickly fired spell. Strangely enough, the spell didn’t work as well as would be expected. Squiggles then attempted to change the school he was casting it with, from Animal to Corpus- lo and behold, a were-boar was attacking the coven!

A New Year
How to Party without...

A new year dawns. Age toils on. Oh, and all the little nobles throw their parties.
Kadija travelled to the party of a local noble, Giuseppe Parodi, where she made inroads into peaceful treaties and manipulations with the local nobles. While there, she met Oriel, and they hit it off well. In particular, Oriel (a fae-born young man) made very good relations with Kadija’s handmaid, Delphina.

of Fish and Fairies
A summary of events of the Summer and Fall season

The Fey Tradesman cometh! On the second night of Autumn, a fairy trader from another realm is wont to visit the island of Corsica, bringing goods from his travels. The three probationary mages of Somnium Oceani were all interested enough in his arrival to take a break from their studies. Tasked with picking up a parcel for Sorra, Werner, Squiggles, Ben Wadi, and Ferro made their way to their meeting with the otherworldly visitor. A hooded figure greeted them; though he had no face under his hood, merely shining light. While the fey initially greeted them in Latin, upon accepting coins of their native currency from the trader, Squiggles, Werner, Ben Wadi were able to understand the man as if he spoke in their first language. Suspicious of the Fey’s true intentions, Ferro declined the offered coin and heard nothing but incoherent jabber from the man the entire time.

Many goods were offered and shown the the magi, some disturbing, some fascinating. But the thing that caught Ferro’s eye was the most costly; a squirming red fawn that instantly angered Jabbar. Perhaps too hastily, Ferro agreed to the tradesman’s bargain- the fawn, in exchange for the first thing to consider her a mother. The trade complete, and Sorra’s package retrieved, the fairy tradesman took his leave.

As the seasons changed, the locals brought in the first catch of the season, and with it the coven’s supply of Aquam Vis in the form of one magical fish. This time, it wasn’t nearly as easy to acquire. Squiggles was quick to point out that the Aquam Vis of this season was in the form of a massive albacore tuna, that was already being haggled over by several of the seneschals on behalf of their lords.

Quick to dismiss the servants as mere pawns, Ferro cast spells upon the fisherman and servants of the lords. Objections to her presence and her interruptions were quickly done away with, when they believed everything she said or treated her as the highest authority to which they served. The Aquam Vis was acquired, and Squiggles was made to seem something of a hero for treating the ‘fainting’ servant.

Will Werner’s magi mobile start an inopportune industrial revolution? Will Squiggles’ meddling in human morality land him in hot water with the forces of the Vatican? Will Ferro manage to live through the next year after casually throwing magic at everyone who bothers her? Will Sorra succumb to alcoholism? Stay tuned!

Current Afairs
Journal of most recent events

Last week in the coven Sorra made a concerning announcement; the coven’s yearly supply of ignim and perdo Vis needed to be gathered from it’s source- two massive dragons hidden in an Regio. While this was typically done by leaving two oxen in the dragons den for them to feast on and gathering fallen scales, the process had been interrupted by the men and oxen going missing. Thus, Squiggles, Ferro, and Werner were sent to investigate.

Upon arriving at the scene, the three magi and assorted grogs came across a sleeping man lying in a field, accompanied by two small bulls. While Squiggles’ first instinct was to attempt to give medical aid to the fallen, Ferro was more suspicious. After a quick bit of investigative magic done by Werner, it was soon established that the ‘man’ was in fact a rock transformed by fairy magic. After a bit of push from her fellow magi, Ferro was willing to lower herself to the task of speaking mind to mind with one of the bulls, thus discovering that the hunter Savio had been transfigured.

Deciding that this level of buffoonery was beyond their comprehension. the magi returned to the covenant with the bulls and transformed rock in tow, and turned the problem over to Sorra. The old wizard quickly discerned that fairy magic had transformed the rock, placed Savio in the body of a bull and permanently transformed Mario as well.

With a bit of magic from Werner, the magi soon had enough gold for new cattle and were able to return to the dragons and complete their Vis gathering and dragon feeding task.

With their Vis gathering complete, Squiggles, Ferro, and Werner were able to return to their studies. Ferro was also given the joyous task of gathering up the Coven’s supply of Aquam Vis, which she managed successfully with Squiggles’ help. In true opportunistic fashion, Ferro used this as a chance to practice her Inception spell and made the acquaintance of a herald for a local nobleman. The herald promptly invited her to come visit the lord, which Ferro managed to politely postpone to a later date, when she had completed more of her studies in the Italian language.

With Ferro unleashed upon the Corsican social scene, there are sure to be many future opportunities (or problems) for the covenant to face. Whether or not the island of Corsica will soon see a new, more magic resistant, breed of cow, is entirely up to how ethical Ferro and Squiggles intend to be (and perhaps on whether Werner can appeal to their humanity).
Thus Far...

This week at the coven, the Verditius mage, Werner, was deeply entrenched in his latest project- the building of a cart which would allow the mages who did not possess the gentle gift ease of access to most of Corsica. While his first attempt was a failure and a waste of Vis, a small allowance of extra Vis from Sora let Werner make a second successful attempt at his project.

Meanwhile, Sora was trying to figure out how to ensure that the latest magical arrival to Corsica, a mage of House Jerbiton, safely arrived at the coven house. The probationary member Ferro was more than happy to take up the task in return for a loan of the coven’s scribe Samael. The pair spent the next half a week working on Ferro’s Italian while waiting for the new arrival. Unbeknownst to Samael, Ferro also spent that time practicing a spell she had helped her Parens create- a subtle spell of mental influence designed to implant an idea in the target’s mind. In this particular case, Ferro spent time making the townspeople concerned about the coven’s current weakness.

When the Jerbiton mage arrived, a comedy of errors took place. Squiggles, the Jerbiton mage, managed to walk right past the escort sent to retrieve him, and nearly missed them until a sharp eyed stable master pointed out that he had crossed paths with a magi of the coven. From that point, Ferro managed to escort Squiggles back to the coven coven house.

As it stands, Ferro and Squiggles both need a laboratory. While Ferro seems to be attempting some long con in order to build her place of work, Squiggles has not yet put himself to the task of creating a lab.

Welcome to Corsica!
You dirty foreigners.

Today we met Werner, our young magus, and his boon companion, Ben. They set out from the covenant to meet a new member interested in joining (and running) their covenant… The lady Kadija.

Welcome to Two if by Sea
Campaign introduction

So far, we’ve got most of the characters created. Both Kyle and Myself have worked on a spreadsheet for Ars Magica character tracking and creation.

I’ll edit this page as we go to the first game session.


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