Two if by Sea

Aftermath and execution

Winter of 1230 The covenant meets. Ricco is admitted to the covenant as a full member. He has decided to take Bartholemew’s old lab. Kadija has pledged to extract Vis for her covenant service for this year. The last cultist is confirmed to be alive and have in his possession demonic books from the person who once helped create the demon forest. He has escaped leaving no trace of him behind, with the exception of ashes. Squiggles upon his return brings back 2 magic items, a magic chain mail, the serpent eye lenses.

A year passes as the mages continue their development.

The case of the disappearing children

There was a season of the usual hustle and bustle of the mages and there studies.

In Autumn Ricco set out with Sabio, Nunzio, and Sabato. Upon discovering a pair of cultist, it was found out that the children were being sacrificed to a demon or fey acting as a demon. Ricco slayed one cultist, another was sacrificed, one was captured an the last is either dead or on the run.

and Calamari

The brave grogs finally managed to take down the massive octopus beneath the seas. There was a celebratory feast, inviting the nearby nobles, and noble-familiies in the island. Lots of parties.

At the feast, some people heard that there were baby-stealing faeries in the southwest of the island, and there may be magical birds between Sardinia and Corsica. Rico and Kadija went to explore, taking Sabato and Savio with them.

The Black Eagle

When Kadija, Adolphe, Sabato, and Testudinis entered the forest they were unprepared for the fight that faced them. Within the twisted realm of the forest, The Black Eagle waited for the Magi and their companions. As soon as they found him, the Diabolist, who had been attempting to unleash a powerful demon, attacked the group. Luckily for the younger Magus of the group, The Black Eagle focussed all his efforts on destroying Testudinis. Though she managed to subdue the diabolist with Mentem magic, he broke free of the various spells she had wrought on him in order to perform a final act of vengeance- casting a spell to give his brother- the mage Testudinis- a heart attack. With seconds to spare, Kadija managed an act of extreme luck, throwing the coven’s oldest mage into Twilight in a desperate attempt to spare his life.

Weary and disheartened by their Phyrric victory, the small group trudged back to the covenant without their old mentor. However, they had managed to retrieve The Black Eagle’s body. With Squiggle’s skillful manipulation of spirits, Kadija and Squiggles were able to speak with the memories of Testudinis’ brother. With some new information gleaned on the nature of the demon in the forest and the plans of the diabolist, the remaining members of the coven agreed to set to work on saving Testudinis when- and if- he should appear again.

But even with the Diabolist dead, Werner’s vision of the fiery doom sill looms on the minds of the Magi and the mystery of the boy Geno’s demonic bloodline is cause for great concern.

Into the Darkness

Three of magi and a swordsman travel to the forest home, to a demonic aura. After investigating the forest, some information was found. The trees were able to be banished with demonic banishing spells and the aura had grown in strength. After some further investigation, Testudinus suggested that perhaps the forest was being helped by a cultist. Ricco and Kadija set out to investigate the possibility. The Noble of the city offered the mages hospitality and the mages began their investigation. They found that the Lord of the manor had an illegitimate son, and after a long involving search were lead to the cultist. The cultist attacked the Bastard wounding him. Kadija and Ricco were then attacked by demons. Kadija hid in the house hoping the man made structure could keep the demons out. Ricco sprung into action and confronted the demons outside. Ricco learning that the demons that he faced were not particularly strong dispatched the demons. The mages then took shelter away from the house with a demonic aura. In the morning they found that the Bastard was growing worst in his condition and set out to bring him to squiggles.

What Lies Beneath

The end of winter comes as Warner takes 2nd place in the Verditus Contest. The seasonal meeting takes place. Squiggles is given permission to investigate Sorra’s old dwelling and Ricco helps him. They discover nothing very substantive. After the investigation was concluded The mages dispersed and continued to their usual activities. Squiggles does to survey the lake looking for the lab that once fell beneath the gentle waters. With the aid of Ishmeal Squiggles manages to find a piece of what appears to be the lab. After a series of further dives Ishmeal and Squiggles are attacked by a giant Magical Octopus. Ishmeal rushes head long into battle, his compulsion taking over.

Warner's Adventure

Warner sets off and with him he brings Ishmeal, Nunzio, Sabato and Danica. A ship was chartered to take them to Genoa. The party was delayed by sirens and stories of curses. From Genoa they will pass Monico to Marsei. The group travels through France on horse and cart. After a month of travel by land they find there destination.

Preparations and the Demon's Den

The year is 1227 Ricco Rommano of house Ex Miscellanea was voted into the coven. The new Aegis of the Hearth ritual was due to be cast and Sorra was no where to be found. After some investigation, the coven determined that he had left of his own will and proceeded to prepare for the new year. Testudines, Ricco and Kadiaja have agreed to investigate and possible destroy the demon threat in the forest.


We welcome the new year of 1226, and the aegis of the hearth was cast. The coven ponders the disappearance of Bartholomew. His disappearance has raised questions as too has well being and what should be done with his belongings. The coven has chosen to close Bartholomew’s lab.

In the passing season the fisherman arrived, and with them a man named Ishmeal, outside the coven A deal was brokered to use the land of a noble, to start a vineyard. The noble has been promised a percentage of the yield and a chimera hunt.


Werner went deep into his studies, and had a magical breakthrough – or, well, a mechanical one, in his studies for the Verditius Competition.
Subtili Ferro and Testudinis retreat from their investigations in order to not get more wounded.
Squiggles meets with Akakios, and trades for both a collection of faerie butterflies, and a few sparks of inspiration.


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