Two if by Sea

Killing of Dude Al-Guy

Ishmael led his adventuring group through to find Dude Al-Guy. Squiggles lit a pile of bodies on fire in the front while Kadija and Ishmael freed the slaves to cause confusion. Then Ishmael and his group punched their way through the guards to find Dude Al-Guy, where Ishmael asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage, then murdered him.

People are afraid of the sword of darkness.

Rico found an evil, skinned boar, and took some samples.

Squiggles cleaned up Sora’s workplace.

Now everyone has concluded Summer, and fall has not started.

Hunting for Dude Al-Guy

Father Dominico warned Squiggles that he was sensing an ominous presence again, strongest during the full moon. Squiggles held an emergency covenant meeting in Winter 1236, and agreed that Rico would look into it to try to find the source, while Squiggles, Kadija, and Ishmael traveled to Africa to find Ishmael’s fiancé’s father to “fix” him good.

The group found the compound of Ishmael’s SO’s father and scouted it. After a brief discussion, the group decided to light a pile of bodies in fire in front of the compound as a distraction while they blow a hole in the wooden wall, sneak inside, kill the father, and maybe free some slaves.

But they didn’t because Jacob had to leave, so they paused that event until the following week.

Rico was also going to spend the Spring or Summer searching for whatever the evil thing is. Father Dominico informed both Kadija and Squiggles that the evil thing was approaching closer to the coven, but he could not pinpoint anything precisely.

Kadija cracked the code in her letter and sent a query back to the person.

Oriel and Squiggles discovered how to enter the door in Sora’s cabin, discovering it leads to a level 8 fairy regio room.

Everyone except Jacob finished at the end of Summer 1236.

A Lot of Reading

Kadija returned after the jaunt to the noble’s party and talked about the possible solutions to her child kidnapping problem.

Ishmael talked with a local farmer “saved” from the Barbary Coast and tried to woo her. He sort of succeeded, but was tasked with finding the woman’s father, asking him for her hand in marriage, and then murdering him (he was the slaver who “owned” her). He asked Squiggles to accompany him in this task, and they planned to set out to accomplish the task in Spring the following year. Then there was a lot of reading and spell making, and not a lot of action.

Fairy Trader had some cool stuff but no one took the bait. Squiggles got some info from the trader on a way to confirm Testudinus’s fate, but it won’t be easy to follow through on.

Kadija had an unexpected turn of events when recovering mentem vis, as the corpse was missing its face. It might be tied to the face stealer from the previous session.

Dun dun duuuuuuu

Kadija was going to kidnap some noble’s son to brainwash him for house favor, but decided to take the smarter/lazier option of postponing that for a season or two.

Rico and Squiggles started making Rico’s longevity ritual.

Verner neared completion of the lockets.

Everything went to shit when Sabato, Daniella, and what’s his name the scribe’s son went missing over 2 days time. Rico, Squiggles, Savio, Geno, Damien, Iohan, and Freddy went to investigate in Kalvi, where Sabato was headed. They discovered that Geno does some pretty regular partying in the main tavern and is well recognized. After following some leads, Rico gets shot a few times by some thugs and gets pretty heavily wounded. The living thug leads us to the house where Sabato was last seen, in the better part of the town. Iohan, Savio, and Squiggles “talked” their way inside, where they found Sabato dead in the basement. They then proceeded to murder the man renting the place, and took both his and Sabato’s bodies back to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse they questioned both ghosts, and discovered Marco was sent by Squiggle’s youngest brother to exact some “justice” for a curse they believe he cast on the entire family line (seriously, who casts a bloodline curse on their own bloodline?). Verner suggested talking to a Quesitor about what we can legally do in retribution for a merchant house hunting our people and successfully killing 3 of them. Sabato’s body is being prepared to be buried, and Marco’s body is being prepared to be bound as an eternal, undead servant of the covenant.

Venetian Blinders
Or, How To Ruin Your Family

Squiggles decided that the undelivered curse he acquired should be delivered – and to his father. The clever Jerbiton travelled to his home city of Venice, with Kadija, and posed as merchants trying to trade with his family’s business. After acquiring passage, and some ill-gotten attire, they introduced themselves to the house and danced around the etiquette. Finally, Kadija managed to convince Squiggles’s father to read the Accursed Scroll – and the scroll attacked him. Our Brave Magi made a swift retreat from the city.

There's a new demon around, and it wants your pants

Kadija did some wheeling and dealing with other covens regarding books. Ricco found a new source of Vis, with some possibly political repercussions. Then Savio takes Ricco, Kadija and Oriel into Arborea, kidnaps Baronet Camero, have antics that lead to the locals believing they are being plagued by pant stealing demons, and make their way back to the coven.

Onto the Sea
And home with friends

Subtili Ferro and Squiggles go off in search of the missing Faerie Trader. Taking with them Adolphe, Ishmael, and Oriel, they begin their search for the Greek faerie in France, hoping Oriel can assist their search. They inevitably turn their attentions to Greece proper, with an extra hand in tow- a young naiad faerie who they named Madeline.
The group chartered passage to Greece, via Venetian traders, while trying to evade Squiggles’ long-avoided family. After a variety of leads, they found evidence that their Faerie Trader was a servant of Hermes, and at the Temple of Caduceus spoke with an old, errant Priest of Hermes. After communing with his god, they were given a way to supposedly re-establish contact with the trader they sought.

Aftermath and execution

Winter of 1230 The covenant meets. Ricco is admitted to the covenant as a full member. He has decided to take Bartholemew’s old lab. Kadija has pledged to extract Vis for her covenant service for this year. The last cultist is confirmed to be alive and have in his possession demonic books from the person who once helped create the demon forest. He has escaped leaving no trace of him behind, with the exception of ashes. Squiggles upon his return brings back 2 magic items, a magic chain mail, the serpent eye lenses.

A year passes as the mages continue their development.

The case of the disappearing children

There was a season of the usual hustle and bustle of the mages and there studies.

In Autumn Ricco set out with Sabio, Nunzio, and Sabato. Upon discovering a pair of cultist, it was found out that the children were being sacrificed to a demon or fey acting as a demon. Ricco slayed one cultist, another was sacrificed, one was captured an the last is either dead or on the run.

and Calamari

The brave grogs finally managed to take down the massive octopus beneath the seas. There was a celebratory feast, inviting the nearby nobles, and noble-familiies in the island. Lots of parties.

At the feast, some people heard that there were baby-stealing faeries in the southwest of the island, and there may be magical birds between Sardinia and Corsica. Rico and Kadija went to explore, taking Sabato and Savio with them.


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