The covenant of Somnimu Oceani has numerous buildings that make up its position, both inside the protective walls, and without.
(Update: 1227)

  • Testudinis’s Laboratory (Size +2, abandoned)
  • Werner’s Laboratory (size +1, Also functions as a forge)
  • Squiggles’s Laboratory (Size +1)
  • Subtili Ferro’s Laboratory (Size +1)

Living Quarters:

  • Grog Barracks (Eight rooms, designed for 2 soldiers each)
  • Main Living Quarters (4 large rooms, damaged; 10 smaller rooms for staff)
  • Guest Living Quarters (3 large rooms, 3 smaller rooms)


  • Includes Testudinis’s living quarters.
  • Council chambers


  • 2 small quarters on ground floor
  • Copying room on ground floor
  • The actual library is 3 stories

Lucerna: This is a small farmland that is adjacent the covenant’s walls. Originally, only one family lived there, along with Sorra’s quarters. The farmland has since expanded for the new families moving into the area.

Pocalucerna: Small fishing village, an hour’s walk from the covenant and under its care. Delivers fish every day. The mostly-abandoned village has had much resurgence in fishermen, of late.


Two if by Sea Lorekeeper