This is a record of the magical items that the covenant Somnium Oceani possesses. They are owned by the covenant, rather than individual magi.

Starlit Lamp: The Covenant possesses two of these arcane lamps. They are crafted of silver to look like leaping fish with glass bellies, and constantly radiate a silvery glow, as strong as torchlight. The light itself is a cold light, and many prescribe a faint chill to their presence.
CrIg 19 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Individual, +3 levels environmental trigger, +1 level for 2 uses/day)

The Despair of Flame: This is a solid oaken disk, scarred by fire and etched by runes, set into the floor of the library’s second story. If a fire is brought into the library, it is quickly extinguished by magic.
PeIg 25 (Base 4,+1 Touch, +3 Structure, +3 levels environmental
trigger, +2 3 uses/day

Blade of Dragon’s Ire: This is a well-made Iberian steel cutlass. In the sunlight, strange glimmerings can be seen on the blade in runic form. When drawn, incanting the phrase ‘fuego’ will create bright blue flames to spring along the length. This raises the blade’s damage from +6 to +12 for the duration. The effect has a penetration of +20, and can be used 3 times per day.
CrIg 27 (Base 5, +1 Diameter, +1 Muto so the blade isn’t burned, +10 levels Penetration, +2 levels for uses)

Stick of Getting: This is a large staff of blackthorn wood, easily usable as a walking stick, worn smooth by the passing of many hands. The staff was crafted by Rekki-Rekki at the demands of her Mentor. Knocking the head of the shillelagh thrice against a sample of Vis will gather the energy, and knocking the butt of the staff against a container fills it with the gathered energy. If the Vis isn’t transferred within a few moments, the Vis is deposited into the wearer’s boots. It can be used three times a day.
ReVi 17 (Base 10, +1 touch, +2 levels for uses)

Herbalist’s Mask: A face-mask crafted out of boar hide, that covers the wearer’s mouth and nose. Putting it on grants the ability to differentiate between scents of herb. Rubbing the front of the mask with a sample of a plant (whether dried, fresh, or even processed) lets the wearer hunt down more of the plant by smell as long as they focus on the scent. While wearing the mask, you can smell nothing else.
InHe 20 (base 2, +1 duration, +2 Scent, +1 Touch, +10 levels unlimited uses)

The Herald’s Brooch: A clasp of some foreign green stone carved into the likeness of a cat. The wearer of the brooch is granted an ephemeral sense of importance and substance – but only while representing the interests of another. The wearer seems relaxed, in control, and buoyed by the resolve of an important task. It grants a +3 to appropriate social rolls, and may confer bonuses to the wearer’s liege.
MuIm(In) 19 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun duration, +1 for transferred importance; +1 levels for uses , +3 levels for environmental trigger)

Rod of Viscid Clay: A rod of iron that feels soft, almost malleable, to the touch and upon closer inspection seems to be made of many different pieces of metal molded together in an intricate, recursive pattern. Placing one end of the rod on a piece of rock or stone causes it to soften enough that it may be dug molded, and otherwise manipulated in the same way that hard river clay can be. The rock is slightly sticky. The spell affects rock in a roughly spherical shape with a three-foot diameter.
MuTe 20 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +5 levels for uses) Uses: 24 per day

Serpent-Eye Lens
The wearer of these light leather goggles perceives the heat of objects. Living bodies seem to give off a radiant golden glow, whereas the rest of the world becomes pale and frosted The brighter the heat of the body, the more severe the golden gleam. It is a constant effect. (InIg 25, +3 environment trigger, +1 uses/day.)

Theoretically, there are numerous items that were in the laboratories of Dominus, Rekki, Fabricos and Marcos that are now lost.


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