The library in Somnium Oceani is a large, broad tower. At one point, it was attached to a series of buildings that housed living quarters and laboratories for the resident Magi. That all changed when half of the covenant was destroyed by fire and collapse. The library tower itself is standing strong, perhaps protected by all the layered enchantments that it housed.

It has a modest collection of books. The Library is where the covenant keeps its two Starlit Lamps, and ‘The Despair of Flame’ enchantment. In addition to the summae and tractatus in the library, there is a large collection of astrological charts, historical texts from Southern France and Rome, and a series of documents detailing the Code of Hermes and Tribunal rulings.


  • Et Vita Perfecta, by Testudinis. Creo summa, L18 Q13
  • Aperi Oculos Tuos, by Justinius of Tremere. Intellego summa, L5 Q18
  • Agnus, by Dominus of Tytalus. Perdo summa, L9, Q12
  • In Sensu Vires, by Mercedes deVier. Rego summa, L5 Q18
  • Quam ut Esset Dux, by Dannoran of Ex Miscellanea. Rego Summa, L13, Q13
  • Primus Bestia, by Bjornaer Annura. Animal summa, L5 Q18
  • Naturam Aquae, by Aharin of Merenita. Aquam Summa, L5 Q15
  • Ventus Inter Aquilonem et Caelum, by Rega Sii of Ex Miscellanea. Auram Summa, L10 Q10
  • Et Omnem Silvam, by Septimus. Herbam summa, L16 Q15
  • Incendium, by Dominus of Tytalus. Ignem summa, L8 Q12
  • Studio In Vita, by Corralin of Jerbiton. Imaginem Summa, L9 Q11
  • Arte Cogitationes, by Accipitris. Mentem summa, L16 Q15
  • Exhaustive Studies in Magic, by Indisciplus of Bonisagus. Magic Theory summa, L6 Q15
  • Causae et Curae, by Hildegarde. Medicine summa, L3 Q13
  • The Lais of Marie de France, by Marie de France. Charm summa, L4 Q15, French
  • The Honeste of Nobles Frances, by Matilde de Bastille. Intrigue summa, L4 Q14, French
  • Praesidium, by unknown. Parma Magica summa, L5 Q15+, Latin
  • The Bible and New Testament. Theology summa, L10 Q3
  • Elementa, by Euclid, translated by Adelard of Bath. Artes Liberales summa, L4 Q9, Italian


  • Negatio, by Testudinis. Vim Tractatus Q10
  • Acceptatio, by Testudinis. Vim tractatus Q10
  • Stores of the Islandes, by Dominus. Corsica Lore, Aegean Sea Lore, Ionian Sea Lore; Tractatus Q7, Italian
  • Farys And Goblyns, by Sorra MacNeal. Two Faerie Lore tractatus, Q9, English
  • Et Astutia Verstutia, by Fabricos. numerous Craft tractatus, Q5
  • Serving the True Masters by unknown. Counts as two Infernal Lore tractati, Q7
  • Various texts regarding tribunal rulings, can be read as a Q6 tractatus for Code of Hermes and Order of Hermes Lore

Lab Texts


Two if by Sea Lorekeeper