There are a number of Magi resident in Somnium Oceani.
Members in Abstentia:

Council Members:

Guests and Companions:

  • Ben Wadi, Aramaic Warrior poet.
  • Oriel, the French faerie-blooded flirt
  • Dominico San Salvador, travelling Priest
  • Savio, a hunter. Doesn’t like people. Rumors have that he’s faerie touched. (24?)
  • Ishmael, a hunter of Leviathans
  • Erasmo Bruno, the italian Steward.

The Turb

  • Mose, Italian axeman (39), Promoted to Turb Captain
  • Nunzio, huge Sicilian grog (33)
  • Adolphe, French swordsman (33)
  • Iohan, Squig’s Shield Grog, Venetian (39)
  • Dante, a recently acquired Italian grog (29)
  • Mario, former shield grog, now a rather randy bull (deceased)

Notable covenfolk:

  • Narciso Cavallo, a very… uh, dedicated ink-maker (32)
  • Samael, apprentice scribe. Lives in Pocolucerna, but works all day in the covenant. Ettore’s son. (39)
  • Emiriel, Samael’s son (18)
  • Delphina, young maid in the guest residences. Married to Mose. (30)
  • Danique, Ferrand’s daughter. Serves as a maid in the covenant. (27)
  • Oria, a new maid in the covenant. She is literate. (28)
  • Vasco Alo, a man from Pisa missing an eye. Doesn’t sleep well, but seems eager to please. (39)
  • Donatello Ajello, a butler trained in Venice (59)
  • Fabiola Ajello, Donatello’s wife, and a quiet, polite woman (48)
  • Gioia, Donatello’s eldest daughter, and a widow from the last crusade (29)


  • Ettore, a fisherman in Pocalucerna. Was born in the covenant. Samael’s father. (55)
  • Luigi, fisherman in Pocalucerna. Ettore’s son. Good with knives. (35)
  • Agnese, fishwife in Pocalucerna. Ettore’s wife, delivers fish to the covenant with Luigi. (52)
  • Nazzareno, a fisherman in Pocalucerna. (50)
  • Calliso, Nazzareno’s son who has grand dreams (27)
  • Antonino, Calliso’s best friend – and greatest rival. (27)
  • Amanda, Calliso’s wife. A dedicated woman, who helps Agnese deliver fish. (25)
  • Olivia, Nazzareno’s young daughter. (21)


  • Bonifacio, the carpenter. Tonia’s husband. Very devout. (53)
  • Tonia, the Coven’s cook. Bonifacio’s wife. (47)
  • Piera, Tonia’s young daughter. Often seen in the kitchens, or watching the grogs fight. (11)
  • Ferrand, farmer living near Sorra’s Laboratory (45)
  • Concetta, Ferrand’s wife. Good with animals. (46)
  • Beppe De Felice, a youthful and talented stonemason (32)
  • Máximo, an african ex-slave who has taken on God (32)
  • Carmelo, an african ex-slave who is quiet. Has a bad leg. (36)
  • Zephania, from Northern Africa. He seems to avoid Father Dominico. (42)
  • Ibrahima, missing one arm, but dedicated to the covenant as a farmer. (26)
  • Fayza, Ibrahima’s wife, and a skilled singer of heathen songs. (27)
  • Sham’a, a freed slave woman with an exceptionally large number of whip scars. Married Maximo, and constantly argues with him. (27)
  • Saniyya, a ‘pale’ African slave, rather strong for a woman. Runs one of the farms. (30)


  • Old Pyrs, Sorra’s Shield Grog, Welshman (67) dec. 1230
  • Meggie, Pyrs’s wife and senior maid for the covenant. (54) dec. 1230
  • Sabato, sly italian archer (39) dec. 1235
  • Daniela, Oria’s sister and a skilled cook and poor housekeeper. (25) dec. 1235


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