Two if by Sea

Dun dun duuuuuuu

Kadija was going to kidnap some noble’s son to brainwash him for house favor, but decided to take the smarter/lazier option of postponing that for a season or two.

Rico and Squiggles started making Rico’s longevity ritual.

Verner neared completion of the lockets.

Everything went to shit when Sabato, Daniella, and what’s his name the scribe’s son went missing over 2 days time. Rico, Squiggles, Savio, Geno, Damien, Iohan, and Freddy went to investigate in Kalvi, where Sabato was headed. They discovered that Geno does some pretty regular partying in the main tavern and is well recognized. After following some leads, Rico gets shot a few times by some thugs and gets pretty heavily wounded. The living thug leads us to the house where Sabato was last seen, in the better part of the town. Iohan, Savio, and Squiggles “talked” their way inside, where they found Sabato dead in the basement. They then proceeded to murder the man renting the place, and took both his and Sabato’s bodies back to the lighthouse.

At the lighthouse they questioned both ghosts, and discovered Marco was sent by Squiggle’s youngest brother to exact some “justice” for a curse they believe he cast on the entire family line (seriously, who casts a bloodline curse on their own bloodline?). Verner suggested talking to a Quesitor about what we can legally do in retribution for a merchant house hunting our people and successfully killing 3 of them. Sabato’s body is being prepared to be buried, and Marco’s body is being prepared to be bound as an eternal, undead servant of the covenant.


+2 language xp

Dun dun duuuuuuu

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