Two if by Sea

The Giant

The coven is under attack! Or so they thought. Wandering along the Corsican country side was the giant Magi, Bartholomew. An honest and upfront giant, he immediately informed the coven members of his affliction of lycanthropy. The coven (Sorra), made wary by his size and curse, welcomed him as a guest but let was not ready to invite him on as a probationary member.

Pressured in to offering his help, Orielle spoke to Savio in his bull form and found that he had been forced in to his new shape by a fairy prince!

Meanwhile, Squiggles had been tasked with finding a spiritual leader for the coven. Always the go getter, Squiggles quickly found a priest in town who was looking for lodgings. Dominoco San Salvador joined Squiggles at the coven house despite his unease with magi as a whole.

When the light of the full moon fell upon the coven, Bartholomew made his graceful leap off the cliffside and into the ocean. And then it would seem the fairies struck again! A massive boar attacked the cows and Squiggles was the only Magi awake to help fend it off. WIth the help of Ben Wadi, Squiggles struck the boar a laming blow with a quickly fired spell. Strangely enough, the spell didn’t work as well as would be expected. Squiggles then attempted to change the school he was casting it with, from Animal to Corpus- lo and behold, a were-boar was attacking the coven!


Everyone may add +2 xp to a language on a character!

The Giant

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