Ricco Romanno

Mage, Ex Miscellanea


Ricco born in Aborea, raised in a home near the capitol. Ricco was always very perceptive, even in his childhood. As a child he began to notice that things no one else did. At first he thought people simply were ignoring these things after all he could see them, how could they not. When Ricco gained the power to speak, he began to realize his ability to notice these things was uncommon. Ricco then began exploring the things that he noticed. Ricco happened upon many things that were not intended for his eyes. His neighbors began to treat him like a busy body and he was shunned, though Ricco stayed positive he soon found himself with fewer friends and immersed himself more into his curiosity.


Needs to prove himself 3
Driven 3
Fair Minded 3

15 Doublet of impenetrable silk (Fast) Mu An
15 Whispers through the black gate (Quiet) In Co
20 Pillum of fire (spell pen, Magic resistance, Multi, Quiet, Silent) Cr Ig
10 Crystal (spell pen, Fast) Re Te
15 Blink (Fast, Quiet) Re Co
5 Prying eyes (Quiet) In Im
20 Frosty breath of the lie (Spell pen, Quiet) In Co
10 Intuition of the forest (Quiet) In He
5 Tales of the Ashes (Quiet) In Ig
5 Sight of the Naiad (Quiet) In Au
10 Vision of moonlight (Pen) In Vi

Ricco Romanno

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