Tag: Grog


  • Mose

    Mose is a surprisingly unassuming man. Average height and build, dark hair and sun-tanned skin, most just overlook this grog. He's learned a bit of Latin to better guard the magi in his care, and in fact, is quite dedicated to his task of protecting them. …

  • Nunzio

    A Sicilian man, he was trained as a fighter by a group of mercenaries, who inevitably just left him on the island so they wouldn't have to deal with his dullard outlook and clumsiness. He eats an incredibly large amount, and only really is a use when you …

  • Old Pyrs

    Pyrs has been with Sorra since the old days. Originially united in their disgust at the English folk, the Scot and the Welshman left the British Isles for France. Pyrs acted as Sorra's shield grog for many a year. They have long since become good …

  • Adolphe

    Someone asked Adolphe about his history once, but he didn't say much about it.