Aegis of the Hearth Penetration +9

  • Winter
    • Werner designs the Stick of Ranged Getting
    • Kadija experiments with Wall of Thorns
    • Squiggles designs Barricade of the Mindless Drones
    • Ricco reads up on Creo magic.
  • Spring
    • Verner finally imbues magic into his Talisman.
    • Squiggles and Kadija journey with Ishmael on his romantic quest to kill Karim al’Giyi; Ishmael recieves a marriage blessing. Adolphe is scary. (+6xp)
    • Ricco studies Creo book
  • Summer
    • Werner finishes imbuing fire into his Talisman
    • Squiggles studies the blackberry wine he’s been brewing to determine its secrets
    • Kadija designs the Aura of Trusting Charm
    • Ricco reads the creo book.
  • Autumn
    • Kadija prepares to write spells for the covenant. She parties with the local Duke. The Tremere promise to send a specialist in magical animals.
    • Ricco practices his Gift of True Sight ability (+7 xp); He also contacts the local Quaesitor about learning under him.
    • Werner studies the Creo book.
    • Squiggles extracts Vis for the covenant.

Covenant Services:

  • Ricco donated his newly found Infernal Lore book
  • Kadija and Squiggles planned to extract Vis
  • Werner loses a lot of time playing management
  • Squiggles extracts Vis


Two if by Sea Lorekeeper